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Clearly, Sport is critical for advancing the economies of nations and in improving the social wellbeing and health of any people. It is said that the global sport industry generates about $700 Billion annually, representing 1% of the global GDP. Isn’t that staggering, especially when you consider the volume of other human productive activity? From energy, to transportation, airline, sea, road, food, health, entertainment, education and lots more, you must wonder how sport is able to capture 1% of the world GDP and outgrowing the world economic growth.
Furthermore, you may want to ask the right and relevant question of how much of this growth nd economic volume accrue to us here in Ekiti or Nigeria. Your guess is as good as ours- dismal. But it does not have to remain so, if only we would look for answers and take responsibilities for a better future. So our quest for answers is what spurred this initiative.
We are building a Sport system to extract and harness the Ekiti passion for sport and entertainment for sustainable development and prosperity. Our vision is aimed, among other things to spur the creative intelligence to develop an innovative, sustainable sporting facility containing a disruptive stadium, mall, Kids Park, cinema, stores, a sport academy, and a tech-game development and entertainment campus on a 10 Acres of land in Ekiti. Something original, indigenous, out of this world, yet reasonably prized

We think our ability to translate the avid passion of the average African to economic development through imagination, creativity and organization may well be a good starting point for our economic renaissance.

Therefore, we have decided to give young men and women enrolled in any higher institution of learning in Ekiti, the exclusive opportunity to participate in this architectural and structural design of a prototype of a model facility.

The challenge aims to celebrate creativity as we sought the most brilliant initiatives of sport facility design and construction from our youth. The organizer, Bridgewaters Foundation, is throwing this challenge open to stimulate and engage the creative prowess of our young men and women. It also intends to promote deliberate thoughtfulness and deliberations for topical global sustainable technological and construction issues such as climate change, energy generation and management, search for sustainable designs and materials. We are also using the opportunity to stimulate technological innovations in designing a facility that would command tourism, stand the taste of time and remain relevant in the future.

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The challenge

Submit a structural and architectural design for a sporting center that would seek to use building materials that would:

As a sporting facility, the center would integrate Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and various physical devices connected to the Internet-of-things (IoT) and surveillance/security network to optimize the quality of entertainment, security, transportation, comfort and services and connect to visitors, spectators and users.
Some typical features of expected designs are as described below:
Disruptive and radical architectural thinking and usage of home-grown sustainable building materials and concepts. You would do well if your material solution can demonstrate a massive reduction in CO2 emission while converting heat to purposeful use within the proposed city;
An architectural masterpiece and a masterful showcase of our cultural heritage capable of attracting local and international sports fans
A rich blend of mini-parks, playgrounds, gym, cinema, and recreational spaces capable of enhancing the quality of life of the sports environment, reduce the heat effects, and generally, promote eco-balance;
Promoting Mixed land: Candidates need to design the space to accommodate all facilities required for lifetime experience, in the appropriate measures to the estimated population that would be visiting the center
Walkable environment, waste recycling, efficient drainage, air pollution, resource depletion, efficient security, and power management. The walkway road network is created or refurbished not only for vehicles but also for the athletes and visitors
Applying smart-solution to electricity, internet facilities, and security
The challenge is an avenue for new ideas to be put to use. New ideas are encouraged even if they will displace the modern-day way of construction. Regarding the above, using any animation software of your choice, the willing person(s) is to design a stadium considering the need for security, alternative power, the internet of things, and security systems.
We expect that this challenge will stimulate the minds of young adults in our institutions towards co- creation, innovation, and cultural originality to develop indigenous solutions and create employment.
Prospective participant in the competition must be:
A Nigerian between the ages of 18-45; Architectural students or graduates who reside in Nigeria
Individual or team of five (5) persons;
Have practical knowledge of Architectural and structural designs.
Method of Application

We offer online application. Individuals or groups of five (3-5) persons who meet the requirements above should go to challenge.bgwfoundation.org to apply. Participants are to complete the form and accordingly submit their designs, bearing in mind the slated deadline.

Timeline of Application
  • Application opens Friday, 1 April, 2023 and Ends Wednesday, 31 May, 2023.
  • Eligibility Assessment starts on Wednesday June 1, 2023 and ends on Tuesday June 7, 2023.
  • Shortlisting of twenty best applications starts on Wednesday June 8, 2023 and ends on Thursday June 9, 2023.
  • Shortlisting of ten best applications starts on Friday June 10, 2023 and ends on Friday October 15, 2023
  • Notification of selected applications starts on Monday June 11,2023 and ends on Monday June 11,2023
  • Communication of the Presentation date starts on Friday June 12, 2023 and ends on Friday June 12, 2023
  • Presentation starts on Tuesday, June 27, 2023 and ends on Tuesday, June 27, 2023
  • Announcement of the Winners starts on Wednesday June 28, 2022 and ends on Wednesday June 28, 2023
The Prize
After 2 months, at the discretion of the competition judges, the top 10 teams selected will each receive N20,000
Milestone Awards will kick start team fundraising for their operating budgets to achieve the full- scale demonstrations required to win the Prize.
The remaining fund will be distributed as follows:
Grand Prize Winner (1st Place): N300,000 plus Project Development contract of five million naira (N5,000,000) valid till the completion of the project.
2nd Place: N200,000 plus a Project Development contract of Two million naira (N2,000,000) valid till the completion of the project.
3rd Place: N100,000

Application opens April 1, 2023.

Closing Date: 31st May 2023.


Teams can submit entries across natural, technology, and engineering or hybrid solutions. Competition judges will evaluate the teams based on 4 basic criteria:

All solutions must:

A design and working prototype addressing any of the issues;
The team’s ability to demonstrate to the judges that their solution can economically scale to the Giga tons level;
The main metric for this competition is fully considered sustainability, affordability, inclusive of whatever considerations are necessary for environmental benefit, and any value-added products; and,
The maintenance of a delicate balance between our need to preserve our heritage, tourist attraction, and sustainability.
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