This is an attempt to spur innovation and imagination among young Black people to proffer solutions to the immediate and emerging social, economic, health and political challenges, Black communities face. We are also cultivating the space for accommodation of cultural diversity and minority viewpoints in our social and political discourse. To do this, we intend to embolden and stretch the creative instinct of young blacks and the consciousness of their historical and cultural heritage through the re-imagination and re-imagining and recreation of Black Comic heroes.
The output of this shall be transformed into a virile black comic entertainment market.
The competition seeks to spur the interest of an average young Africans at large, in the history and exploits of his fore-fathers and mandates a compelling consciousness of that uniqueness. It seeks to stimulate the quest for the recreation of those exploits as relevant to today’s world in solving security, health and economic challenges that we face. In order words, this is a test of creativity, understanding and connectivity with ones origin and history and awareness and appreciation of current social , technological and scientific developments to solve an identified social, security, economic, health challenge of recent memory of that Africans are presently grappling with.
The candidates shall show a good grasp of this challenge, the relevance of the present day resource, the knowledge of the history of the comic hero/legends so used in his work He/she may attempt to recreate a notable event in history and relay to our present circumstance and an outstanding ability to tell stories.
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